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Steer Your Ship Towards Your Goal


We all set goals with the aim of achieving it at first, not all goal setters gets result, setting a goal doesn’t automatically mean getting the result.

For some goals are set and are gradually achieved while for others goals are set and are faded away into the thin air, every goal setter have a reason for setting up a particular goal, people don’t just jump out of bed with a goal out of nowhere, There source of inspirations, something that boost up our imagination, we usually see or sometimes read something somewhere somehow that make us want to change, there is an initial spark and we are hit with a flood of motivation and can’t wait on this goal.

After a week or even days our enthusiasm dies off and the spark of inspiration becomes a memory, we know what the goal is, but we no longer have that passion burning inside of us.

To achieve your goal we need to stay motivated and we need to keep the inspiration on flow the goal is meant to be constantly in our mind, present where ever we are, if we are constantly in reminder of our goal they will never go away, it means if our goal is always in our mind it’s easy to achieve them, as with most things it’s better to keep this process simple.


VISION BOARD – This is idea is for you to get a notice board maybe at the entrance of your door, or somewhere that will keep you reminded. It’s best you accompany your board with photo, letter or anything that provide you the reminder of that original inspiration, if your goal is to become a FOOTBALLER think of something that remind you of the goal like football, football field, Messi the current best world footballer, or Christiano Ronaldo you know this lists are unlimited be creative or your goal is to become wealthy you think of cars, houses, unlimited.
Once you are through stick it where you will see it most, you can also have a note placed all around you, you can leave a note like “I want to be greater than Messi” or “am going to be richer than Bill Gate”. The more unavoidable and obvious your goals are, the easier it becomes to remember, and it’s easy to achieve.

TELL FRIENDS (BUT BE SELECTIVE) - Tell your friends about your goal, tell friends that would motivate and inspire you, so u could grow encouragement, the inspiring people in your life will aid momentum, have conversation about your goal often, don’t just tell your friend and never mention them again, you remind them and talk about their goal as well, if your goal is well known and a regular talking points, you will never loss your inspiration,
Stop giving obstacle permission to road-block your vision

Hopefully with the above methods, you will find your goal becoming part of whom you are and you will find the journey to achieving them more easier.


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