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Elevator - The Journey to Possibilities

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Life is a journey. We embark on different journey in life; in some we arrive safely, while in others we crash on the way. When we arrive safely that means we have succeeded, if we crash on the way, that means we have died and left nothing that people may refer to as our accomplishment. In the journey of life you either succeed or you end up in the grave-yard of dead dreams.

Overcoming the impossible, that’s quite easy if I may say, but before embarking on the journey there are some principles, disciplines, you have to take along with you in embarking on the journey to success.

In life there are two things involved: you either pursue a goal or you remain constant; and if you pursue a goal there are also two things involved: you either you succeed or fail. Both are optional. You choose within yourself in either option. To reach your desired goal, you have to overcome failure or rather I say you have to move through the road of failure, and to get across the road of failure you have to remove a very important obstacle out of your way which is the obstacle of “FEAR”. Fear of what awaits you on your journey; fear of failure is what makes most people never try to pursue the goal they want to achieve.

Most successful people in the world overcome fear before getting to the destination of success. Keep within you when embarking on the journey of success the sufficient power that which will stabilize your fear. Fear is a hindrance to success what you have to do to overcome failure is to overcome fear in within you. You have the power within to overcome it just search it now and you will find it.

Embarking on the journey of success what should always be in your mind is everything is going to be alright -- I am going to get to my destination at all cost. Forget every failure you must have encountered -- think as if you’ve never failed -- don’t say I have tried everything nothing worked -- that shouldn’t be your MOTTO -- your motto should be – I shall be successful.

Have you asked yourself this question -- why do most people fail? Why do I fail? Life is all about decision making; choice to succeed or fail. One obstacle that kills most dreams very gently is procrastination. I call procrastination the killer of dreamers, each time you procrastinate you are killing that dream of yours gently and before you know what’s going on, that dream is out of your mind; what you now call it at that particular time is failure.

Has the dream come to its destination? NO! That dream didn’t arrive at its destination, but you ended the journey on the way yourself, so you are the failure of that dream, when such a dream becomes failure, don’t run from it embrace it, when you embrace such kind of dream you start working a new; this time put in more determination. Impossible is nothing, and when there is life there is hope.

When you embark on the journey of success again never look a hitch back, move ahead with great enthusiasm, you will get to the destination safely, getting to the destination of success you have made that impossible possible at such time you can say you are living in a world of “H-endless Possibilities”.


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